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Scientology is not appropriate with Christianity for many reasons. Below are the principal 5:

1. Christians Think People Exist to Glorify God

Scientology places forth that the basic basic principle of human existence is survival. Nonetheless, Christians feel human beings exist for God, or, in the words and phrases of the Westminster Shorter Catechism,“Man’s main stop is to glorify God, and appreciate him for at any time.”

2. Christians Think We Die After

Scientology puts forth that spirits known as thetans occupy multiple bodies in excess of numerous lifetimes. Nonetheless, the Bible is obvious, “People are destined to die when, and then face judgement” (Hebrews nine:27).

three. Christians Assert that All Slide Quick

The Creed of the Church of Scientology states, “Man is basically excellent.” test osobnosti However, the Bible asserts in excess of and in excess of that this is not the circumstance. Jeremiah 17:9 states, “The coronary heart is deceitful earlier mentioned all factors and beyond cure. Who can comprehend it?”

four. Christians Imagine We Require a Savior

Scientology places forth that a person’s “survival depends on himself…and his attainment of brotherhood with the Universe” (Creed of the Church of Scientology).

The Bible helps make distinct that a individual is incapable of conserving him or herself. In John eight:24, Jesus says, “I informed you that you would die in your sins if you do not think that I am he [that is, the Son of God], you will without a doubt die in your sins.”

Only by faith in Christ can we be saved as Acts four:twelve states, “Salvation is located in no 1 else, for there is no other identify underneath heaven provided to mankind by which we have to be saved.”

five. Christianity Puts God 1st

Scientology doesn’t put much emphasis on what a man or woman thinks about the Supreme Being. Nonetheless, Christianity elevates God and looking for Him previously mentioned all else. Jesus Himself explained that the most important regulation is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37).

Why Do Former Scientologists Leave?
It is hard to pinpoint a one explanation why previous Scientologists depart. This article from Rolling Stone offers the viewpoints of a number of people who left Scientology right after getting lifted in it as young children.

Those interviewed cited cult procedures, manipulation, and even getting despatched away from their mothers and fathers to live in terrible situations in Scientology services. The Church of Scientology, even so, denies these statements.

Between grownups who be a part of and then depart Scientology, a common criticism is the religion’s policy of intensely encouraging associates to crack all ties with non-Scientologist loved ones associates. Others get exhausted of shelling out hundreds of pounds for periods.

Why Leah Remini Still left Scientology
Leah Remini may be the most popular ex-Scientologist. Remini grew up with Scientology from the age of nine. In 2013, the actress left Scientology and dedicated herself to exposing what she named “Scientology crimes.”

Leah Remini’s documentary collection “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” aired the last episode of time three on A&E in August 2019. The display, which was nominated for an Emmy every single 12 months of its operate, was committed to making it possible for former Scientologists to tell their stories. It authorized former high-position officials in the religion a area to discover policies and buildings of Scientology.

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